Opa Robby's Market



it all starts with a seed

Our mission is to be a partner with you to help you and your family eat simple clean foods . Oma Gobby's casseroles and other prepared foods are made using fresh produce and simple ingredients. Oma offers a variety of diet options including low carb, gluten free, vegan, and some sugar free. We offer local in season produce. Our organic and all natural produce comes from local suppliers only.

Oma's prepared foods provide options that allow you to eat simple clean foods free of added ingredients. Simple ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables - the way food was long ago. 

Please visit us, we think you will be pleased with our wonderful market. Oma and Opa 

We are a family owned business. Oma actually cooks the homemade casseroles, soups, and baked items - Opa handles the produce, firewood, and daily maintenance to our creaky old building.